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Liposuction surgery is a procedure where excess fat in the body is removed using various devices.
Hospitalization Duration 1 day
Operation Time 1-2 Hours
Recovery Time 1-2 Weeks
Anesthesia Local/General Anesthesia
Pain Duration Minimal
Effect Duration Permanent
Op. Dr. Mahmut Muhsin Yılmaz


Liposuction surgery is a procedure where excess fat in the body is removed using various devices. Liposuction surgery can be performed alongside other corrective surgeries for body contours.

Primarily applicable to almost any part of the body, liposuction is most commonly performed on the abdomen, hips, thighs, and knees in women, and on the waist, abdomen, and chest in men. Additionally, areas such as the arms, ankles, neck, and face are also areas where liposuction is applied.

Who is liposuction surgery for? Who is not suitable for this surgery?

Liposuction is not an ideal technique for individuals whose primary goal is weight loss. However, it can be performed on individuals who occasionally want to lose weight to assist with diet and exercise methods. Liposuction is primarily used to remove aesthetically unpleasant fat deposits in areas where it is difficult to lose fat through exercise and other methods, typically in individuals who are at or near their ideal weight.

Although liposuction can be performed at any age, the skin must be sufficiently elastic to regain its former tightness after the removal of fat tissue. Otherwise, sagging of the skin may occur, and additional procedures may be required to address this issue.

How is liposuction surgery performed? Which anesthesia method is used?

While general anesthesia is typically used in liposuction, local anesthesia can be used for small areas. During the procedure, a special fluid is injected into the areas from which fat will be removed. This fluid numbs the surgical area, reduces bleeding, and makes it easier to remove fat. The procedure is performed using thin metal tubes and syringes or suction machines to create vacuum.

After the procedure, a special compression garment is worn on your body. The purpose of this garment is to limit swelling and allow the person to move more comfortably after the procedure.

How long does the surgery take? How long is hospitalization necessary after the surgery?

The duration of the surgery varies, but on average, it lasts about 1-2 hours. Discharge can be planned for the next day after the surgery.

What are the prices of liposuction surgery?

For information about the price and to schedule an appointment for liposuction surgery performed at our clinic, you can contact us at the phone number +90(544) 194 56 29.

Op. Dr. Mahmut Muhsin Yılmaz
Op. Dr. Mahmut Muhsin Yılmaz
Can respond within approximately 1 hour.
Op. Dr. Mahmut Muhsin Yılmaz
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